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Donzige Klit

Wat ik de laatste tijd veel zie, zijn dit soort bolletjes: Die als ze bloeien een punk-kapsel lijken te krijgen: Zelf vind ik ze – als leek en waarschijnlijk omdat je die op dit moment ook veel ziet en ze ook van die mooie paarse bloemen hebben – wat op … Lees verder

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Himalayan Balsam

These pictures are already a few weeks old. So at the moment you can’t see the Himalayan Balsam like this anymore. But at that time there were LOTS and LOTS of them. That made it possible to see the flowers at different … Lees verder

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blossom and ladybird

I have been watching these bushes since a while. First I could only see these tiny buds. I thought they where the beginnings of leaves. But after some weeks, I could see that I was mistaken: they first turned white, … Lees verder

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flowers and trees

This time of the year – just before the trees start getting their leaves – you can see lots of flowers in the woods. They use the opportunity and blossom in the light, which will be gone ones the leaves … Lees verder

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discovering nature

With this weblog I want to share my impressions – and hopefully my learning – about the flora and fauna that surrounds me. This weekend I had a walk and tried to find the first signs of spring. I walked … Lees verder

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